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Train with Paul to Lose Weight, Build Muscle and bring out a better YOU.

Interactive Online Training


Transform your body over 8 weeks with Paul as your personal online coach. A life changing program that will not only get you in great shape but also teaches you how to train and diet properly.



Train with Paul in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs to be a part of Sydneys largest outdoor fitness community.

Run Club


Join Paul’s run club and run with other members of the Irish Community of Sydney to help get you fitter and healthier in 2019. FIND OUT MORE…..

Pauls 5000km Cycle Across Australia


On the 6th of September 2018 Paul started his biggest fitness challenge to date. A 5000km self supported cycle across Australia to raise funds for the Irish Support Agency NSW. The journey took Paul 59 days to complete and he raised $20,967.11 with his efforts.

About Paul

Pauls fitness journey was inspired by changes that he wanted to make in his personal life. He was unhappy with his current circumstances and turned to fitness as a way to improve his over all health and wellbeing. FIND OUT MORE…..


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Read Pauls latest blog posts and stay up to date with upcoming blogs by signing up to the newsletter. FIND OUT MORE…..


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“This is my eight week transformation. This is a life changing plan I’ve never felt healthier or happier in my life, have gone from71kg to 76kg! Big shout out to @paul_kilroy_fitness.”

Lee – PKF Online Training

“Joining pauls boot camp was the best thing I ever did. It improved my health, my fitness and wellbeing. When I joined I was doing night-shift and feeling very down and antisocial. Going to boot camp got me out and about, meeting new people and learning new exercises. I found I had so much more energy … Continue reading Nora – Bootcamp Participant

Nora – Bootcamp Participant

“I joined the bootcamp as a friend of mine mentioned it to me. The training and coaching has been top class and it’s something different each session.The workouts are demonstrated and explained well. Great workouts and advice throughout and also very enjoyable.”

Brendan – Bootcamp Participant

“After four weeks into the program I am feeling energised, motivated and excited to take on new challenges. Paul has been a firm but fair trainer providing motivation and support when I needed it most. Each session has been different providing new challenges to overcome. Working in a group has been an added bonus as … Continue reading Nigel – Bootcamp Participant

Nigel – Bootcamp Participant

“Paul’s boot camp has given me a greater capacity to enjoy life both in and outside of work. A perfect quote to sum up his military training style ‘Endure the pain, Enjoy the gain’. I have yet to see anyone walk away after a session with Paul, without a proud smile on their face.”

Catriona – Bootcamp Participant

“I really enjoyed Paul’s boot camp classes and found they made a huge difference in my muscle strength and even my mental strength as to what I could achieve. The classes were progressive too, which made it easier to see and feel the benefits, especially the weeks when we done the same circuit to actually … Continue reading Kelly – Bootcamp Participant

Kelly – Bootcamp Participant

“Big thanks to Paul Kilroy for helping me get this great result, knocking 10 mins off my previous Half Marathon time. Thanks Paul and I am looking forward to the next round of boot camp.”

Thomas – Bootcamp Participant

“Big shout out to @paul_kilroy_fitness for my results with his 8 Week Program. Pauls program not only changed the way I looked but also the way I performed. I became extremely Athletic and recently placed second in a Crossfit Competition in Thailand. Thanks Paul for all your help.”

Eoghan – PKF Online Training

I want to thank Paul for all his help, effort and support. Paul puts 110% effort and dedication into all of his clients and their goals. Paul has not only helped us with our fitness goals but has had a huge effect on our mindset also, his endless encouragement has led me to believe in … Continue reading Sinead – Bootcamp Participant

Sinead – Bootcamp Participant

“I honestly feel fantastic. Both mentally and physically. It really has been a learning curve for me. And to think I wasn’t sure about doing this program. I’m so glad I started it and stuck to it. There was enough of excuses and feeling sorry for myself, yes it can be hard but the rewards … Continue reading Aoife – PKF Online Training

Aoife – PKF Online Training

The program was a big learning curve for me and I am very happy with the changes I have made in just 8 weeks. Thanks Paul for all your help. 

James – PKF Online Training

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