10 Life Lessons from 2 weeks in Bali

10 life lessons after 2 weeks in Bali …..

1️⃣ Your personality is your greatest asset – don’t be afraid to let it shine. Be your quirky self wherever you go! 

2️⃣ Nothing happens to you, it happens for you. The highs the lows, the struggles and the heart ships, there is a lesson in them all, give yourself the time you need to see them and don’t give give up to adversity.

3️⃣ Comparison is the thief of joy – don’t compare yourself to anyone, especially not on social media, and live in your own wins. You have made it this far in life by doing things your own way, that is an achievement in itself. Keep striving for your own goals and idea of happiness, you are the only one that can fulfill both.

4️⃣ Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life. Goals are great and are important but if you are obsessed by them and miss out on everything that’s happening around you then you’ve got the wrong idea of a goal. Your goals should add to your life, not take something away! 

5️⃣ Don’t chase money – chase happiness, that’s the real key to success.

6️⃣ Detach from your phone – You can be the happiest person in Bali until you see a picture your friend in Thailand! Get off your phone and enjoy where you are at least once or twice per week. 

7️⃣ Give yourself some space to relax – the world we live in pushes more, more, more in our faces and there’s so much going on it’s easy to lose focus on what you actually want for yourself and for your life. Give yourself time to unwind and sit with your own thoughts every now and then.

8️⃣ Laughter is music for the soul – a good belly laugh could cure the world! Don’t be so serious about your life or your goals that you forget to laugh at the stupidest things, it’s the best way of lifting your spirit.

9️⃣ Have a “Why not me” attitude – when you think of someone who has achieved something great but then you make yourself feel insecure by what they have achieved, instead of living in that insecurity ask yourself “why not me”! It could be you just as easily! 

🔟 You are the only one that achieve your dreams – nobody is coming to help you so start where you are with what you have and start working towards it. If it’s important to you, then it’s worth doing! 

Bali was very insightful for me! For some extra help, head to; https://paulkilroyfitness.com

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