3 Life Lessons From the Ride of my Life

3 life lessons from the Ride Of My Life, literally! 

This day last year I started the biggest challenge of my life, a 5,000km cycle across Australia – unaided and completely alone! 

Here’s the 3 best lessons I learnt from 59 days of solitude. 

1️⃣ Everything ends – a bad day, a bad week, a bad month and even a bad year. No matter how bad things are, if you persist and don’t give up, it will end. 

On the first 6 days of my cycle I made some rookie mistakes, I didn’t carry enough food and water so I was rationing after day 3. I underestimated the distance to the first town and it took me 3 days longer than expected. 

I didn’t train for the ride so my ass got cut up pretty bad from spending 8 hours a day pedalling and because I hadn’t been to a town, I hadn’t showered in 7 days which made my sores get infected. 

On day 6 I reached my first town and when I stepped into the shower, all the heart-ship and misery from the first 6 days was over. It was a great analogy for me to live by. No matter how bad things get, if you persist, it will end. 

Whatever you are struggling with and no matter how bad it gets – keep going – some day it will end and tough times dont last but tough people do.

2️⃣ If you are committed to something then you don’t need to worry about reaching the end goal. Commitment is all you need to make it. 

I set a goal before I left to cycle 150km everyday. After 22 days I couldn’t keep up the pace and had been driving myself mad to hit my goal everyday. I really needed a break.

So I asked myself if I was committed to cycling across the country, and I was. 

By asking myself if I was committed, I realised that it was ok to take a break. I could get of the bike and sit on the side of the road, for a day, a week or a month. I wouldn’t go forward but I also wouldn’t go backwards! It was another great analogy to learn.

Sometimes we can’t keep the pressure on and we need a break. If you are committed then you’ll make it so realise when you need to sit on the side of the road and get back on the bike when you are ready. 

3️⃣ Ask and you shall receive. Us Irish are terrible for asking for and receiving help. “I’m grand thanks” is our usual response but it’s definitely not the smartest. On the days that I ran out of food and water, needed a place to stay or a shower, if I didn’t ask I wouldn’t have got any of these things. 

At the end of the trip I was asking people for everything and people genuinely want to help people in need. 

I couldn’t have finished my trip without some help along the way so don’t ever be afraid to ask for help, it’s one sure way of fast tracking your progress and success! 

And one last thing – you don’t have to cycle across Australia to learn and implement these lessons, just take from someone who’s learnt the hard way! 

These have been massive lessons in my life and I’m still aware of them today. I hope you get some value from them too! 

For more help, head to https://paulkilroyfitness.com/fit4life-mentoring/

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