A Different Perception of Hard

One great lesson I learnt over the years was to never listen to anyone else’s perception of what ‘hard’ is! 

Before I ran my first marathon I was terrified by how hard it was going to be because I had listened to so many stories of how ‘hard’ it would be and it held me back from running a marathon for the longest time. 

When I eventually ran my first marathon I found that it wasn’t that bad and had I not listened to everyone telling me how ‘hard’ it was I would have done ran one much sooner! 

I try to live my life like this now and to never put anyone on a pedestal if they have done something that you aspire you achieve. Because ultimately you may have faced much tougher things in your life, and I don’t mean physically, I mean mentally too. 

For me I battle with my mind pretty much every day of the week and that has made me incredibly mentally strong so when I get overwhelmed by something that may be hard, instead of being turned off by it, I remind myself of how tough I am and what I have overcome both physically and mentally and it helps me realise that was I want to achieve is achievable too. 

The moral of my story is to never hold yourself back from doing anything because you have heard how hard it may be – someone else’s perception of hard might not necessarily be yours and the obstacles you have faced in your own life whether it be physically or mentally are all you need to overcome the next obstacle you are facing in your life.

So look inwards and don’t compare yourself to others, you are tougher than you think. 

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