Asking Good Questions

After yesterday evenings run I lay on the football field and looked up at the stars as it was getting dark. 

I seem to be always in a rush, as does everybody, so as I lay there, I asked myself; ‘what is the goal in life’ and I answered ‘it’s to be happy’. So I then asked; ‘what makes me happy’?

My answer was 4 things; 

1️⃣ Making money, because I get a huge thrill out of being an entrepreneur and creating wealth where it didn’t previously exist.

2️⃣ Doing what I enjoy such as surfing, swimming, running, adventuring and being outdoors living life to the Max in general.

3️⃣ Quality time – spending time with those who matter most and who make me forget about time when I’m with them. 

4️⃣ Helping people. Because every time I help somebody, I feel fulfilled and aligned with my life purpose.

These were huge life lessons for me and they came from spending a little time alone and asking one simple question.

I plan to orientate my weeks, months and years around these 4 things from now on and in my eyes it’s the recipe for a happy life for me.

So if you find yourself in a position your not totally happy with, maybe ask yourself the same question and when you figure out what makes you happy, steer your life as much around doing those things as you can. 

Success is different to everyone but ultimately if you are happy, you are successful.

Do what makes you happy! 😊

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