Being More Spontaneous

I went to see a psychologist a few years ago when my life was a mess and he gave me one goal to take away from our first meeting; be more spontaneous.

Up until that point I tried to control everything in my life because I was crippled with anxiety.

And trying to control what you can’t control makes you even more anxious!

So I started being more spontaneous, I started saying yes to the things I would usually say no to and trying out new things that I had been putting off.

What started to happen is that I started to break my pattern.

My pattern was;

1️⃣ Worry about something I couldn’t control

2️⃣ Get anxious

3️⃣ Try and control what I couldn’t control and get more anxious and fearful.

When I started breaking my pattern I started to let go of the control I had on everything and my anxiety started to lesson.

I’ve always tried to be spontaneous ever since I learnt this valuable lesson but it’s hard to be spontaneous all of the time especially when you are working on your career of goals.

But every once in a while it’s important that you break your pattern because it gives you a window of opportunity to look outside of yourself and see how you have been controlling or managing your life.

And then if you see some flaws you can fix them!

You can’t change anything when you are stuck in the middle of it, it’s called micro management.

Being spontaneous every once in a while give you the space you need to let go of control and ultimately see the big changes that you need to make for lasting change.

So think about being more spontaneous and it doesn’t have to be a week off work. It can be as simple as saying yes to the gym session you’ve been putting off, the hike you’ve been asked on or meeting with someone who gives you goosebumps!

Doing the above will help you see how much you’ve been missing out on and what you need to change to have more of it!

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