Changing Your State

I was running a workshop recently where someone asked me if I ever had a bad day. 

Before I answered I knew that the audience would be surprised by what I was about to say. 

But my answer was invaluable so I wanted to share it here with you. 

“I genuinely don’t ever have a bad day, I mean I feel bad, angry, sad and defeated often but I don’t linger in those feelings long enough to let them ruin my day.” 

The reason I don’t linger in these emotions is because they put me in a bad “state” and when I am in a bad state I usually don’t want to take action on the things I need to do or do anything that makes me feel good. 

But if I am in a good “state’ I feel good and take action on the things I need to do and do more of the thing that make me feel good. 

The important thing here is knowing that you can change your state – usually in around 2 minutes. 

I learnt this from Tony Robbins (search Changing Your State on YouTube) and it has been life changing for me. 

There are 3 ways to change your state;

1. Focus – what are you focusing on when you are feeling bad? Is it positive or negative? Try to reframe your focus to think of something positive in the situation that is stressing you out. 

2. Language – what are you saying to yourself when you are feeling bad? is it positive or negative? Instead of beating yourself up, talk positively to yourself which instantly makes you feel better. Changing your focus and then your language to look for the positives in the situation is the key ingredient. 

3. Physiology – what are you doing when you are feeling bad? Are you moving your body releasing endorphins (The good mood chemical naturally released through body movement in the brain). Drive your hand into your first, jump on the spot or run in place while changing your focus and talking better to yourself and you’ve just changed your state for the first time. 

Everyday can be a good day – you’ve just got to learn the tools.

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