Choosing Short Term Pleasure over Long Term Pain

There is a vital mistake that so many of us make in our lives, that is; choosing short term pleasure to feel good in the moment without considering the long term consequences of our actions which naturally form as a habit.

Changing your mind to choosing short term pain for long term pleasure is the starting point of any life changing journey.

Here’s how it works; 

You might be unhappy in a relationship but the sex is ok so you choose the short term pleasure without thinking about the consequences of 50 years with an unfulfilling partner. 

You might want to change your career because you think there is something better out there for you but because your current job pays the bills and gives you freedom at the weekend you choose the short term pleasure without thinking of the long term pain of becoming depressed and unsatisfied in your later years.

Or you might want to change your life and become someone who you often dream to be but because you worry about the opinions of other people if you are to change you continue on as you are because at least you are accepted as you are. 

You’ve got to choose short term pain over long term pleasure because there can be no joy in life without a little bit of sacrifice. 

Everything starts with a vision and nobodies vision is unachievable so here’s a take away to get started with;

1. Write down your vision of your life. Not where you are, where you would like to be. Think of your relationships, career, happiness, confidence, fulfilment and finances.

2. Think of what steps you need to take to bridge the gap between where you are now to where you want to go.

3. Choose the short term pain of doing these things now because they are what will ultimately lead you to long term pleasure.

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