Confidence Beats Experience

Confidence beats experience.

The above photo of me driving the digger was just 21 months ago.

I was in that job for 6 years always wanting to change but I always lacked the confidence.

I thought about getting out of that job everyday but the more I thought about it the more I felt I hadn’t got the experience I needed to change.

This really held me back so I knew I needed to change my approach.

I thought I would flip the scales and rather than focusing on building my experience, instead I’d work on building my confidence because there’s never going to be a time that you’re 100% ready to do something.

The way I see it is that most people (including me at the time) are waiting to gain more knowledge and more experience which will therefore bring more confidence but it’s total bullshit.

You can study a subject in university for 4 – 8 years and still not feel qualified to teach it. (Most people don’t!) 

So I started working on building my confidence first and I knew the experience I needed would follow. 

To build my confidence I started making progress towards my goals because ultimately, progress = confidence.

My goal was and still is to be a very successful motivational speaker but at the time I was a digger driver who was terrified of public speaking.

I thought a Bootcamp would be a good starting point – I could help people get fit and they in turn would provide an audience to speak to.

It’s been 21 months since I changed my mindset to confidence over experience and I that time I’ve trained hundreds of people in a fitness space and have given 13 motivational talks to hundreds more.

So my take away from all of this is;

If you’re working on building up your experience and procrastinating starting something now because you think you will feel more confident with more experience, don’t waste your time. 

You won’t feel ready with more experience either.

Instead focus on making progress on your goals which means doing what makes your feel uncomfortable. 

Going through that discomfort and seeing your progress is the only way to build more confidence and confidence beats experience experience everyday day of the week.

At the end of the day confidence has no competition so don’t be afraid to start!

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