Don’t Let Other Peoples Opinions Hold You Back

I set a goal this year to give 10 motivational talks. It was my biggest fear and I really wanted to overcome it.

So I took any opportunity I could to put myself in front of an audience which was terrifying and really outside my comfort zone!

At every talk I gave out a feedback form to get some constructive criticism so I could get better and help everyone who was listening to me get the most value out of their time.

After 7 talks I had spoke to over 450 people and the feedback was really good which helped build my confidence and diminish my fear.

At my 8th talk I delivered a great talk and handed out the same feedback forms at the end.

As usual I went home and read the feedback before bed. Usually the feedback was constructive criticism which everyone needs to get better but this time there was a form full of negative comments that weren’t anything to do about my talk but more so putting me down as a person.

I took it to heart and it really set me back. 

Despite having spoke to 450 people and getting great feedback, the only feedback form I focused on was the one designed to make me feel bad.

After a few days I realised that if I continued to feel bad about myself and no longer pursue my goal because of what this person said, I would be surrendering my powers to them and not getting on with my own life. 

You see people are always going to put you down, their always going to tell you that you can’t do something and it’s not because they don’t believe in you, it’s because they don’t believe in themselves and they couldn’t put themselves out their like you could.

So don’t ever let anyone’s opinion of you hold you back, don’t surrender your powers to them and go prove them wrong.

It’s your life, go and do what you like with it, be who your meant to be, do what your meant to do and fucking own who you are!

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