Facing Your Fear

A few years ago my biggest fear was to fight in boxing. I had huge self doubt and it really held me back from not only experiencing boxing as a sport but it held me back from realising my potential as a person in all other areas of my life too.

When I realised how much my fears were holding me back I made a list of everything I was afraid of and put a date beside each one in which I was going to overcome it by. 

I started with the smallest fear on my list and build myself up to my biggest one which was to fight in boxing. Within 3 months I overcame every fear on my list including fighting in boxing and to add a cherry on top I won the fight! 

Since overcoming those fears I’ve always set out to do the things I am afraid off because I know how much fear can limit my potential. 
In doing all of the things I was and am afraid of I always find out so much more about myself, I find out how strong I can be, how courageous I can be and how I can learn to be better and do better. 

So the take away here is to find out what you are afraid of and ask yourself if it is limiting your potential to what you could do and be? If it is then write those fears down and set a date in which you will overcome them by. In doing so you will find out so much about yourself. 

Yes it will be scary, yes it will be outside your comfort zone but the confidence you will gain by overcoming your fears will help you in all other areas of your life too. 

For more help head to; https://paulkilroyfitness.com/fit4life-mentoring/

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