If I fail I will learn – If I practice I will get better – If I am consistent I can master.

If I fail I will learn – If I practice I will get better – If I am consistent I can master. 

I used to be terrified of trying anything new before I decided to change my life for the better. I thought that I couldn’t do anything because I wasn’t good enough or I wasn’t strong enough both mentally and physically. I had a fixed mindset.

When I decided to change my life I developed a growth mindset, I looked at everything in a different perspective and I was willing to give everything a go because it would be an opportunity to learn and get better. 

I still live with this growth mindset and I take every failure as a learning curve. 

You can’t expect to be the best at anything on your first go. If you want to be fitter you can’t expect to go to the gym once and come out with a 6 pack. The same goes for improving your mental health, if you want to get stronger mentally you can’t expect to spend one day thinking positively and expect it to change your negativity. 

Everyday we have an opportunity to get better, to fail and to learn, to fall and rise again but every time we do we are 1 step closer to our goal and every failure has a valuable lesson for us to learn along the way. 

I have failed many times but I’ve always been willing to try again and each time I do I get better, even if only a little bit each time.

I was terribly depressed and negative 4 years ago and every time I thought about changing it was to overwhelming to ever start. When I developed a growth mindset I thought was willing to try and more importantly fail but inevitably that’s where the growth came from. I failed, I learnt and I tried again. 

That and that alone is what helped me get from being stuck in an unhappy position in my life to living a life where I am now in control. 

So if you want to change for the better, know that you can, develop a growth mindset and be willing to fail and to learn, and to grow and succeed from your failures. 

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