How to get More Motivated

How do I get more motivated? 

That’s probably the most common question I am asked and I know exactly how it feels to have no motivation.

Firstly to change anything you’ve got to desperately want to change it. 

If you are comfortable where you are, you are never going to change – in other words you don’t want to change badly enough. 

Secondly you’ve got to have a strong reason behind WHY you want to change, that’s where you will find your motivation.

Being comfortable where you are will keep you there but if you can identify with how much discomfort your current situation is actually causing you in your life then it will give you the motivation you need to change.

I was unhappy and in a downward spiral for two years before I hit rock bottom and that’s when I found the motivation I needed to change my entire life. 

I connected to why I wanted to change, I didn’t want to be a quitter anymore, I didn’t want to feel insecure, under confident, anxious or body conscious anymore. I also wanted to live a more meaningful life and make an impact in the world.

Once I found my why, I started working my ass off to change it. I became someone I never knew I could become and it still motivates me to this day to keep on pushing myself. 

So to find motivation you need to have a strong why, and you also need to get yourself out of your comfort zone – if it’s not painful enough where you are, then you won’t change. 

Connect with why you are unhappy where you are – make it emotional – make yourself realise how much pain it’s causing you and how much more pain it will cause you if you don’t change now. 

From there take the very first step you need to take and take one step at a time until you get to where you want to be.

Change doesn’t happen overnight and motivation doesn’t last – having a strong why does.

Find your why and make the changes you need to make – that’s what will last forever. 

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