How to Get Motivated for the Gym

Struggling to get motivated for the gym?

Here’s my 5 Top Tips 

1️⃣ Sell a Buddy on going with you. And when I mean sell them on it, I mean sell them on it! Tell them about what your planning on doing in the gym and make it sound great, even if you don’t know what your going to do just make something up until they commit. When they commit, you’re committed too. Set a time to meet them there at and that way you are accountable to each other. Regardless of what you do in the gym, it will be more than if you were sitting on the couch.

2️⃣ Pack your gear bag and bring it with you to work. Going home after work is setting yourself up to fail if you have planned on going to the gym. Once you sit on that couch, you are throwing your gym plans out the window. Having your bag packed gives you less excuses to make up when you are on your way home from work and knowing you’ve got your gear with you, your twice as likely to convince yourself to go than not go.

3️⃣ If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Sit down every Sunday evening and have a look at your week ahead, look at what days you are busy before or after work and look at what days you have time to train. Make note of those days and write them down in your notes. You’ll never find the time for anything, you’ve got to make it so making time for the gym before your week even starts is one sure way to go.

4️⃣ Share your fitness goal and set a deadline for you to achieve it with a close friend, someone you who you know will be at your throat if you don’t achieve your goal. This puts added pressure on you and helps you keep your word. You’ll be a little bit more motivated when you know you’ve made a commitment to someone who wants to see the best for you. 

5️⃣ Hire a coach and follow a training program. Your coach will keep you accountable and having a training program to follow cuts out the overwhelm of not knowing what to do in the gym. Being realistic, you don’t hate the gym, you hate not knowing what to do in the gym so hiring a coach solves that problem right away! Another added bonus is that seeing your progress is what will motivate you for your next session and little wins added up are what leads to lasting change.

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