Investing in Yourself

The most valuable Investment you will ever make in your life.

I certainly didn’t make the most of my education growing up. 

I was terrified of failing my exams so I dropped out of school at 16.

They say ignorance is bliss and I find that to be true. 

I had very low self belief so I became completely ignorant to learning anything new.

At 25 my life was going nowhere, I was uneducated and stuck in an in unfulfilling career.

I knew I had to change and so I decided to read my first book; How to Win Friends and Influence People. 

I read on my lunch breaks at work and as you an imagine, that book title was certainly the topic of a good laugh behind my back from my work mates. 

But it changed my life. I started implementing what I read and as I did, so to did my results. 

I realised that if I could educate myself through books, seminars, mentors and coach’s then I could create a new and better life.

Sure enough, whatever I wanted to improve on, there was a book for it. 

And to improve in other area such as my health, mindset and business I started working with personal trainers, psychologists and business coaches.

The results helped me and still help me to move my life to bigger and better things and it all came down to one simple thing;

The willingness to invest time and money in myself.

We always place a low value on the price of a psychologist, a coach, a mentor or a seminar when all of these things could change your life.

Yet we place a higher value and priority on a weekend filled with alcohol and worse even – drugs. 

So let me share some vital information with you. 

If your head is fucked and you are unhappy with your life – go and see a psychologist. Don’t keep complaining to your friends who know nothing about the matter. Their level of thinking can’t solve the problems that your same level of thinking created.

If you are unhealthy and out of shape – hire a coach and get some professional help rather than trying and failing on your own.

If you want to be more educated in any area – pick up and book on that subject and read it in depth until you understand.

And if you want to advance your life forward in a certain area find a mentor and model exactly what they did and advise you to do. If you model what they did – you can get the same results.

No matter what the price in both time and money spent, it will return 10 fold in your life and business so kindly remind yourself of that the next time you stumble at the price of something that you will benefit greatly from.

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