Making the Most of your Weekends

If you fail to plan you plan to fail! 

Don’t let this weekend slip away. 

Recently I’ve been giving myself more time to do the things I enjoy. Surfing, swimming and doing the Bondi – Coogee walk are high on my list! 

So every weekend I aim to do a few of those things because they makes me feel good when I do them.

The key to doing the things I enjoy is planning to do them before the weekend starts. Its so easy to let the weekend get away from us and theres nothing worse than being back at work on Monday knowing you didn’t make the most of your weekend.

Sitting down for just a few minutes on a Friday evening to plan your weekend is one sure way of not winding up at work on Monday morning hating your life!

So sit down this evening and firstly write a list of the things you enjoy doing, or go a step further and write down some things that you haven’t yet done and would like to do.

Then plan your weekend around doing those things – think of those things a ‘Must do’ and everything else as a ‘Should do’.

I guarantee if you give yourself the time to do the things that you enjoy at the weekend you will have a much better week next week and cruise through your work.

So don’t let this weekend get away doing unimportant things. Instead, invest time in your happiness and watch how your days, weeks and months will improve as a result.

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