Male Criticism in a Male Dominated Work Industry

Male Criticism in a Male dominated work industry.

This is something that really needs to be addressed because it’s holding so many legends back.

The biggest set back I faced before achieving anything in my life was the fear of judgement from the men I knew and worked with.

It’s shocking to say, but it’s a real thing.

Our sex is more about putting people down than it is about lifting people up.

You literally have to have balls of steel to give anything different a go because you are going to be judged, criticised and laughed at for doing it. 

I worked in construction for 10 years and at times it was harsh to say the least. 

Drinking was a big part of my identity while working in construction but inevitably I became unhappy and when I wanted to change I felt like I had no one to talk to.

I felt like nobody understood me and when I did open up on my dreams, plans or ambitions it spread around the site like wildfire.

I hit a point in my life where things got so low that I just didn’t care anymore and I started working very hard on myself without worrying about what others would think of me for doing it. I quit the booze, hit the gym and started running – and everyone thought I was gone crazy! 

But in the process of doing that, my self believe grew and I started to believe I could achieve more – that maybe there might be a way out.

It took me 3 years to get out of construction but I eventually found a way. 

For me it was through starting my fitness business and that wasn’t easy – it was sheer determination that made it successful. 

In the 3 years that I wanted to get out, it was very hard going – it was hard not having anyone to talk to or help me on my way, to not feel supported for wanting to change and to feel judged for wanting to be someone different.

Because I know there are others where I was I wanted to share an important message with you to help you overcome the fear of judgement and another equally important message if you are the perpetrator;

If you are unhappy where you are and want to change but the fear of judgement from others is holding you back – don’t let it. The work you do on yourself will get you out of your situation – the ones who judge you will still be stuck there long after your gone.

Nobody can do more from criticism than they can from encouragement so encourage people rather than put them down. Listen to their thoughts, show them your interest and give them some confidence towards taking actions on their plans. You never know how much someone is struggling and your words could literally save their life.

And before I go just remember one important thing; 

“It’s better to try and be judged than to not try at all, for your going to be judged either way.”

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