Money, Time and Freedom


First of all; You don’t get what you want from life, you get what you deserve. Remember this throughout this read. 

Everyone wants to have more money but most people don’t deserve it. 

I certainly didn’t when I showed up as the same person day in day out for 10 years. I wanted more money but I didn’t deserve it. 

I worked hard and was good at my job but I was paid for my value which wasn’t very much on the grand scheme of things.

It drove me crazy having to sell so much of my time for a set amount of money. And as far as I could see, the only way to make more money was to sell more of my time – which I didn’t have! 

Until I learnt something that changed my life and fortunes entirely.

Increase your value – increase your income.

And that’s exactly what I did. 

I thought about how I could become more valuable, how could I provide a better service to those around me, what could I learn, what could I offer, what could I do better? 

Sure enough I started to become more valuable and with the increase in my value came the increase in my income. 

So the big question is, how can you become more valuable? And when you figure that out everything will start to change for you.

The next most important thing to know is that once you become more valuable, you can then sell less of your time for more money. 

If your current skills are worth $25 p/h, think of how can you become more skilful to be worth $50 per hour? 

That way you can sell half of your time for the same amount of money.

So think of it this way;

If you give more value you get more money, when you get more money you can save your time and when you have more time, you’ve got freedom. 

Again; you don’t get from life what you want, you get what you deserve – if you are more valuable, you deserve more money, time and freedom. 

And lastly – you don’t increase your value overnight, it takes time but once you figure out a way, that time invested in becoming more valuable will return 10 fold. 

I hope this helps spur some thoughts!

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