Morning Routines

I have been swimming at sunrise every day for the past 2 years, it’s one of my favourite things to do but it’s never easy especially through winter! 

I spoke with one of my mentoring clients today; he said he would love to have a better morning routine and asked what mine was. 

I told him my routine, waking up at 5am, training, swimming then meditating and reading all before starting work at 8am everyday.

It sounded inhuman to him but I reminded him that it’s taken me years to get this disciplined and forming a great routine doesn’t happen overnight.

When I wanted to make some improvements in my life I had to look long and hard at where I was and what I needed to do in that point and time to make lasting changes. 

The first step was waking 20 minutes earlier to have breakfast in the morning, something I never usually did. 

Once I mastered that I thought about adding in something else and then another something once I mastered that.

You see you can build upon tiny steps but you can’t go from zero to hero, you can’t go from A-Z, you’ve got to think of going from A-B first.

So what’s the first step you can take to building a better routine in your morning or your life? What’s the one thing you can do that you can build upon in the future? 

If you master one thing, you’ll master another and therefore, eventually, you will start to master your life. 

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