My 80/20 Rule

My 80/20 Rule 

I’ll never forget having this breakthrough and the realisation of it is what forced me to change my ways! 

I was in a constant state of being happy and unhappy, generally I was happy on the weekends and unhappy during the week so started to think of my life like a weighing scales between positive and negative experiences.

When I broke it down I realised that 80% of my life was negative (during the week) and 20% was positive (at the weekends) so the likelihood for me to have better life experience or opportunities to grow and find out who I was as a person was much smaller considering I was only in a good state of mind 20% of the time.

When I realised this I knew I needed to flip the scales, I needed to be happier at least 80% of the time so I could de-stress, create some space for my brain to think logically and enjoy life because ultimately when you are happy and positive, your life begins to flow! 

So I created more space for myself, I thought about what I could do around my time to balance out my scales or get to flip the scales to being 80% happy and positive and 20% unhappy and negative. 

I started using my time wisely at work, listening to podcasts, watching motivational videos, having meaningful conversations with people and yes doing the least amount of work possible to save me from being fired because I hated it and knew it was more important to work on me than to work on anything else! 

What happened was incredible, my whole life started to change, better experiences came to me as well as better opportunities and because I was in a better frame of mind I got better ideas to start working on so I could inevitably get out of the position I was in! 

So if your asking how do you change you life for the better, have a look at your life as it is and think of it as a weighing scales, then ask yourself how can you even them out or better yet, flip them around! 

When you get happier, your life begins to flow. Create more time to be happy.

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