People always Want to See you Fail

People always want to see you fail ….

But you’ve got to remember, their opinion of you does not determine your reality. 👊🏻

I flew from Sydney to Shark Bay, Australia’s westernmost point in September 2018 with nothing but a push bike, a tent and a sleeping bag as my baggage.

The total distance back to Sydney was 4,774km and I was going to ride back there on my bike while sleeping on the side of the road every night.

As you can imagine seeing a guy on a push bike in the bush carrying a tent and sleeping bag is a pretty strange sight so the common question was always; 

“Where the bloody hell are you going mate” 

And my answer was always the same; 


And then the typical response was usually laughter and negativity towards me reaching my goal! 

Every single day I was asked the same question and I got the same response which was pretty understandable in the beginning when I had 4,774km to go. 

But as I hit my first 1000km I started to wonder when someone would ask me;

“How far have you come”

I cycled for 56 days and with with only 300kms to go before reaching Sydney people were still asking; 

“Where the bloody hell are you going mate”

And my response was the same;


With only 300kms to go, people were still laughing at how far I had to cycle and how many days it would take me to get there.

But nobody asked how far I came. I had cycled over 4,000km and was 100% confident I was going to finish.

You see people will never truly know how far you’ve come but they will laugh at where your planning to go if you tell them.

It’s always going to be that way – that’s just the way it is. 

So when you are working on something that’s important to you, keep your head held high and remember how far you’ve already come. 

People are always going to doubt you, laugh at you and criticise you but if you know where you are going and you know how hard you’ve worked to get there, then your going to make it. 

Don’t let other peoples judgment hold you back. 

First they will ask why your doing it, then they will ask how you did it.

Keep going – stay strong.

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