Self Compassion vs Self Judgement

How often are we hard on ourselves? Every once in a while or far to often? 

Self judgment can be a really useful tool to help you change and improve your life or make sure you maintain a standard to reach a new level but it can be terribly damaging if you are putting in the work and still going to hard on yourself.

This took me a long time to figure out and master.

I was working very hard on improving my life but my own self judgment always prevented me from living in my wins so I kept pushing myself harder and always burnt myself out.

I found useful analogy that I now use to keep myself balanced that I want to share with you when you are mentally suffering as a result of your own self judgement.

Whenever you find yourself judging yourself for something which makes you feel bad, look for some evidence that goes against it.

Let’s say you want to lose weight as have been training 5 times per week but don’t see a drop in the scales so you start to judge yourself for not working hard enough and as a result you feel like crap and don’t continue to work towards your goal. 

The aim to provide some evidence and use self compassion, meaning that you be kind to yourself and make yourself feel better by reminding yourself of how hard you have been working towards your goal. This makes you feel better, therefore you continue to take action to get your result.

On the contrary if you are trying to lose weight and haven’t been training the you need to listen to your self judgment BUT only long enough until you start putting in the work and can provide some evidence and self compassion to put yourself back in balance.

This goes for all goals in all areas of life. The key is to keep yourself in a good state, to be balanced between self compassion and self judgment so that you feel good and continually make progress towards your goal. 

The mind is a poor master and a wonderful slave so use these simple tools to help your mind stay on your side!

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