Someday I’ll Syndrome

Someday I’ll Syndrome.

Someday I’ll take a risk

Someday I’ll ask that girl on a date 

Someday I’ll look for better friends 

Someday I’ll change my career 

Someday I’ll cut out what is holding me back 

Someday I’ll change my life 

How many times how you said ‘Someday I’ll’ to yourself? 

And how many times has that ‘Someday’ not come to be? 

The truth is that the perfect time start anything never comes and telling yourself that Someday I’ll’ is indefinitely deferring your happiness. 

You can change anything in a moment, you’ve just got to make Someday, today. 

One of the biggest reasons people fail to make any positive changes in their life is because there is always something ‘On.’

There’s always a birthday party, a work event, the races, a going away party or a baby shower to go to. 

And there always will be. 

So you are deferring your happiness because of all of these things and procrastinating on looking after the most important thing of all – YOURSELF. 

The defining moment in changing your life is the day you draw a line in the sand and say; Today is the day I will change my life.”

And that truly is the most important day of all.

There’s always going to be something on and the right moment will never come. The only thing you can control is your decision to make a change. 

And whether that day be Someday or Today is up to you. 

Don’t fall trap to Someday I’ll syndrome any longer, make today the day you change your life forever.

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