The Importance of Good Company

Good Company – The Most Valuable Life Lesson

I was at Tony Robbins 4 day Unleash The Power Within seminar recently where I learnt one of the most valuable life lessons from first hand experience.

There was 7,500 people at the event, all of which were there to improve their life for the better.

The event is designed to push you outside your comfort zone so that you can see what is holding you back and make the necessary changes you need to make.

On the first morning, I was sitting beside two men from Melbourne who weren’t participating in any of the activities.

Every time Tony got the audience up to dance, shout or sing these two guys stayed seated and laughed at everyone else in the arena.

I could see what was happening right away.

As the day went on and we progressed through different exercises and techniques to help uncover our problems and learn how to fix them, these two guys never participated.

One of the men was a rough looking character, he had tattoos all over his face and head – he was intimidating to say the least but its funny how an image can paint a different picture from reality.

After 3-4 hours the tattooed mans friend went to the toilet and for the first time I seen him starting to participate in the event.

Tony then asked us to write the answer these two questions;

1. What does and extraordinary life look like to you
2. What is stopping you from getting there

I seen the tattooed man writing his answers to these two questions until his friend came back from the toilet and told him he had enough of the event and was leaving.

Not wanting to let his ego down, the tattooed man agreed and they both left the 4 day event within 3-4 hours of the first morning.

I couldn’t believe it – the tickets are $2,000 each so I knew at least one have them must have wanted to be there.

I had a suspicion that it was the tattooed man who wanted to be there having seen him writing in his book when his friend had left for the toilet.

After they left, I was curious so I picked up his book which he left behind on his seat.

For the above questions he had answered that an extraordinary life for him looked completely different to the life he was living. He wanted to love and be loved, to travel the world with a life partner and to be in better company.

And his answer to what was holding him back was Drug and Alcohol abuse.

Over the 4 day event 7,498 people changed their lives for the better but this poor guy didn’t get the chance because of the company he decided to bring with him.

I feel for that guy, I really do so I wanted to share the lesson with you.

Be aware of the company you have around you – do they support you, encourage you, motivate or inspire you to be the best you can be?

Will they help you live a better life or will they prevent you from changing?

You’ve got one shot at this life, you’ve got endless opportunities to change something you are unhappy with, improve in areas you want to work on and change your fortunes for the better.

But poor company will prevent you from doing it all.

Find the winners in your life, the champions – the ones who tell you that you can do something and will support you through the process because you can’t do it alone.

Always strive to be happy – find know the people who have your best interests at heart and will help you get there.

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