What you are Becoming

It’s never about ‘what your getting from all of this’ it’s a question of ‘what am I becoming from all of this’ 

Most of us fail to keep pursuing the things we want and try to go after because there’s no initial reward. 

If there’s no reward in the early stages of pursuing a goal, most people quit. 

It’s very hard to go after something you want to go after, you’ve got all that fear, the judgement from others not to mention the lack of skill to achieve your goal. 

But it’s important that you do.

If you can learn to sit through the discomfort of pursuing your goal then eventually you’ll make it.

You see it’s not about achieving the goal – it’s about who you become while trying to achieve the goal.

When times get tough and there seems to be no return from your efforts, instead of quitting ask yourself ‘what are you becoming from all of this’ instead of ‘what am I getting from this’ and your answer should help keep you on your path.

Time and time again, I’ve come up against other peoples judgement, my own fear and my lack of experience or skill but I kept working towards my particular goals anyhow.

Every goal made me stronger but none of my goals gave me a reward initially.

It took me 6 months to get in shape when I was unfit. 

It took me 3 years to build up my mental and physical endurance before I ran my first marathon or completed an Ironman.

And it took me 4 years to build the confidence and learn the skills to start my business. 

Not to mention starting my business with no return on my investment for the first 6 months.

Nothing happens over night but you can be sure that each day you are adding a rock to your pile and one day, that pile will become a mountain.

Whatever you are pursuing – you are becoming something – don’t ever doubt it and don’t ever quit. 

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