Why Not Me

Why not me? 

The best question to as yourself when comparing yourself to others.

I was in Bali a few months ago where I met a very successful old friend while walking on the beach.

Immediately I started comparing myself to them and within a few minutes I felt like total crap.

How often do we do this? And why do we do it when it makes us feel so bad? 

I used to do this a lot up until the age of 25 and it really held me back from changing my own life. I always felt insecure and looked at other peoples success rather than wondering how to succeed myself.

One day I realised that I was responsible for my own life and that nobody was going to come and help me, no matter how much I wanted them too.

This was a harsh truth but it helped me to be real with myself and instead of creating stories for why everyone else was successful, I started asking ‘why not me’ when I found myself comparing myself to others.

This simple question helped make me think of reasons why I could and couldn’t do the things I wanted to do. And when I heard the answers to why I couldn’t do them it was very easy to realise that they were untrue. 

I started asking myself ‘why not me’ for everything and I started asking myself more important ‘Why’ questions as well. 

Why can’t I lose weight?
Why can’t I get educated?
Why can’t I become an athlete?
Why can’t I become a business owner?
Why can’t I become a speaker?
Why can’t I influence people?

These questions made my brain come up with solutions rather than fixating on the problem and the results were immediate.

I started improving in all areas of myself and instead of focusing on others and feeling insecure, I began focusing on myself and moving forward.

So my question for you today is, ‘Why not you?’

Why can’t you be more confident? 
Why can’t you lose weight?
Why can’t you find the perfect career
Why can’t you start a business? 
Why can’t you be more fulfilled? 

If other can people can do it, you can too.

Stop fixating on the problem and start thinking of the solutions. 

You are more than capable of creating the life you imagine – Why can’t you?

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