Why you Need to be a Good Reader

You’ve got to be more than a good worker – you’ve got to be a good reader. 

This is one of my favourite quotes from Jim Rohn and it’s so true. 

You can be the best worker in the world and still wind up unfulfilled and undervalued.

This is because working hard on your job will only make you a living but working hard on yourself will make you a fortune. 

At 25 I was in a downward spiral, I desperately wanted to change my life but I was totally ignorant on learning how to change my fortunes.

I had never read a book, never studied or never took part in a course but I was more than happy to waste my time with people who I knew didn’t care about me or have me best interests at heart. 

And it didn’t phase me to spend my money on material things that I didn’t need. 

You can invest your time in so much things, your friends, social circles, holidays and objects but it all comes at a cost – you don’t learn anything about about yourself. 

And when you don’t learn anything about yourself, that’s when you lack clarity and direction as to what you want to do in life.

When you start investing time and money in yourself you start to learn about yourself and that is the turning point to changing your life.

We know so much about others but we rarely focus anytime on ourselves to figure out what truly makes us happy, what we are passionate about or what our strengths are.

And with that self knowledge you can change your fortunes in all areas.

When you figure out what makes you happy, you can do more of what YOU enjoy.

When you find out what you are passionate about you become more fulfilled.

And when you know what your strengths are you can learn how to overcome your fears and excel to new levels in your life without the constant overthinking and anxiety. 

So you’ve got to invest in yourself, you’ve got to be more than a good worker, a good partner, a good friend and you’ve got to become a good student.

The ultimate success in life is to be happy – if you are already there, then you’ve made it. But if not you’ve got to learn about you, you’ve got to find out what more there is inside you and that is the key to changing everything you desperately want to change.

I hope this resonated and if you need any help, always feel free to shoot me a message!

For more help, head to https://paulkilroyfitness.com/fit4life-mentoring/

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