You can’t Solve your Problems with the Same Level of Thinking That Created Them

“You can’t solve your problems with the same level of thinking that created them” 

I see so many people trying to solve their own problems without ever reaching out for help. 

The problem is that you are the one who’s created the problem and based on your level of thinking right now, your not going to be able to fix it. 

We all need help and there’s always someone who can help us. But what holds most of us back is that; 

We are

1️⃣ Afraid to ask for help because we are worried of peoples judgement 

2️⃣ Afraid to spend our money 

3️⃣ Afraid to invest time in ourselves in case we change who we are and lose our identity.

The facts are that you can’t move forward in your life without overcoming these things.

If you don’t overcome the fear of judgment you will forever hold yourself back and will likely never reach the level of happiness, confidence or fulfilment that you want to reach.

You’ve got to spend money on yourself so that you can learn how to change and improve your life. Keeping your money means you’ll keep your own level of thinking and if If you keep your money, you keep your problems. Simple. 

And lastly, change is inevitable, it’s the only constant in life. Yes you are going to change, yes you might lose some (negative) friends, yes you might cut out some bad habits but ultimately you are going to become who you desire to be. And if you don’t change them you might as well as give up on that idea right now because without changing your never going to get there.

I’ve had all these fears and I’ve learned that;

1️⃣ It’s ok ask for help and it’s the fastest way to make progress on something you are struggling with.

2️⃣ Money invested in yourself returns 100/1. I’ve changed my whole life, my whole fortune because I’ve spent a ton of money in the areas I needed to.

3️⃣ You need to continually need change to get better and as you change so does your reality. Life gets so much better when you change for the better.

So what are you waiting for? 

For more help, head to

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