2 Life Lessons From Richard Branson

I was at the Richard Branson Conference in Sydney recently and here’s what I learnt.

1️⃣ A lot of people see me as being an extremely confident person but in truth, I’m not. 

Whenever I attend an event like this, I always like to get a photo for my social media but when crunch time comes and I step out into the isle with thousands of people looking at me posing for a photo, I can barely get a smile on my face with embarrassment! 

This is a bitter pill to swallow considering I actually want to be on stage speaking to thousands of people one day! 

However, one thing I do know and live by is that progress leads to confidence and if you continually keep pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone while making a little progress, then you’ll eventually become more confident! 

Progress = Confidence and there’s always a little bit of progress you can make in any area of your life that you are under confident in. 

2️⃣ Assess your beliefs regularly.

No matter how much you want to achieve something, if you have limiting beliefs around achieving it then you can be sure that you won’t achieve it.

My biggest want in life is to be a speaker so that I can share my wisdom to help people change and improve thier lives.

But yesterday I realised I had some more limiting beliefs around this despite having worked to overcome my limiting beliefs over the past few years.

You’ve got to have beliefs that serve you. Wanting something bad enough just isn’t enough. Your beliefs have got to back it up.

Your beliefs need to ones that serve you, they need to be ones that tell you; “Yes you can do this and no matter what it takes your going to make it.”

But most of the time our beliefs are; “Who are you to achieve that, you haven’t got what it takes.”

This is obviously total bullshit because your past does not determine your future! 

So analyse your beliefs regularly because no matter how positive you are you could still have some limiting beliefs that hold you back. 

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