All my Friends are Building Houses and Getting Married

Stop comparing yourself to others! 

Most people who are feeling lost, stuck and unfulfilled are comparing themselves to their friends or people they went to school with. 

They look at how they are back in Ireland building a house or getting married and compare themselves to them which makes them feel even worse. 

At a time when your self confidence is at an all time low the last thing you need to do is compare yourself to others. 

And more importantly what they are doing is not what you want to do with your life. 

What you want is direction, you want to feel fulfilled and you want to feel confident in yourself when you begin pursuing your life path. 

And the only reason that you are comparing yourself to your friends is because they seem to have it all figured out and you know that you haven’t. 

So don’t waste your time comparing yourself to what they are doing in their lives because building a house or getting married isn’t what is going to make you feel fulfilled or more confident in yourself. 

And the more you focus on what they are doing in their lives the less time you are spending on figuring out what you actually want. 

Instead you need to focus on what you want, you need to focus on what makes you fulfilled and happy and once you figure that out, you’ll be able to set your own life goals based on that. 

So whenever your find yourself comparing yourself to others from now on, know that it’s a waste of time. Their fulfilment and happiness is different to yours so turn the tables to look at yourself first. 

If you figure that out, believe me, you will be happier than them in the long run and you will live the most meaningful life imaginable. 

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