Finding Your Interests

I don’t know what my interests are…..

One of the biggest things people struggling with direction in theirs lives is they don’t know what there interests are.

The reason you don’t know what your interests are is because you’ve never tried anything new.

And the reason you haven’t tried anything new is because you are worried about the opinions of others if you fail at trying something different in your life.

This is something everyone I work with struggles to overcome.

They have no direction in their lives, they feel stuck and un fulfilled but rather than trying to figure out what floats their boat and doing something meaningful to them they get trapped by worrying of the opinions of others.

You’ve got to overcome this.

It’s better to find out who you are and what you are capable of than living in fear from the judgement of others.

So you want to get fitter, more confident, change your career, start a business or find your life path? 

But you worry about what everyone thinks so you never try anything that moves you towards these things?

That’s very conflicting and something has got to change.

You’ve got to find out what you are interested in and to do so you’ve got to overcome your fear of failure and do the things that you have been wanting to do.

Right now your living in fear but the minute you take a step towards something that’s important to you, you’ll feel a little bit more confident and you can build on that momentum.

So what would you do if you weren’t worried about what everyone else thinks? 

That’s a good question to ask yourself.

Start doing those things and you will find everything you are looking for in life.

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