6 Week Challenge

Transform your body over 6 weeks of Online Training with Paul as your Personal Online Coach

This program is especially for those who;

  • Want to change their lifestyle & get FIT
  • Feel more confident in their bodies
  • Want to learn how to train properly
  • Want to learn how to diet properly
  • Are frustrated or clueless in the gym
  • Need some extra motivation
  • Aren’t seeing results from their current training regime

If this sounds like you then I can HELP!

Over the 6 weeks you will;

  • Learn how to train properly both in a Gym & at Home
  • Learn what and when to eat
  • Learn how to calculate your calories
  • Lose weight
  • Build Muscle
  • Feel more confident & energetic
  • Be held accountable
  • Enjoy the Process

Train 4x times per week with Home and Gym workouts

Your program is delivered via my custom Mobile Training App with over 200 exercise videos

  • All workouts are demonstrated by Paul through your very own mobile training app
  • Choose from multiple home and gym workouts each week
  • Follow your own custom program
  • Learn over 200 new exercises

Your training program is progressive, this means that you will be advancing to new and more challenging exercises every 2 weeks to ensure that you learn more, challenge yourself more and enjoy new methods of training.

Eat healthy and tasty meals while learning the calorific value of the foods you eat

Your meal plan has over 20 healthy and tasty recipes to ensure you enjoy what you eat.

  • 20 healthy recipes to chose from
  • Learn what and when to eat
  • Track your calories
  • Understand Macro Nutrients

Your meal plan is flexible so that you can pick meals that you enjoy each week and learn how many calories each food source contains. My meal plan teaches you what and when to eat to ensure you can maintain a healthy diet once your program finishes.


Be held accountable with weekly check ins from Paul to ensure you stay on track with your progress

  • Weekly checks ins with Paul
  • Feedback based on your progress each week
  • 24/7 support
  • Extra motivation

I ensure that you understand everything from the get go. I help you through the whole process and no question is considered a silly question. I want you to learn as well as complete the program so that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle after you finish your 6 weeks. I provide weekly check ins and hold you accountable to your goals.


Just $42 paid weekly for 6 weeks
$259 upfront payment

My goal is to bring you affordable prices and great value for your money

You can pay weekly payments by direct debit which will be handled when you sign up or you can pay upfront if you need some extra commitment. Both prices are the best value for money with Online Training, the information, support and program delivery are at the top of its class and you will not be disappointed once you start.


I knew I needed to change my lifestyle for a long time before coming across Paul’s 8 week challenge. As a Nurse I work shift work and found it difficult to make gym classes or PT sessions etc. Paul was able to provide me with 4 work outs I could do in my own time … Continue reading Sheena Kerr

Sheena Kerr

Before starting the training plan with Paul, I was trying to eat well and go to the gym but I wasn’t seeing any results. I lacked consistency and would often be derailed over weekends. I had previously tried other online plans but had found there wasn’t enough support from other trainers or the plan were … Continue reading Lorna Greene

Lorna Greene

A few months after the GAA season ended here in Sydney, I decided to sign up to a 8 week online training programme that I saw Paul advertising on Facebook. My goal was to stay fit and lose some stubborn fat around my hips and stomach. Paul had done a couple of boot camp style … Continue reading Stacey O’ Brien

Stacey O’ Brien

I am a Mum of two -with two kids under two-so for the past 2.5 years I have struggled with sleep deprivation, motivation and diet. My husband works long hours so I have always found it difficult to find a fitness program to fit my lifestyle as I could never commit to scheduled training sessions … Continue reading Claire Joyce

Claire Joyce

I was thinking about getting a personal trainer until I came across Paul’s online coaching, on Facebook. This way I could go to the gym when it suited me, as I had fluctuating work shifts. Before I started this program, I thought online training was just getting a meal and exercise plan, but it was … Continue reading Stephen Heelan

Stephen Heelan

I started with Paul back in August 2018. I’ve just started my third training plan . Before I signed up with Paul I was a what one might call a sunshine supporter at the gym . Could go for a few weeks and would expect the instant unrealistic results which I would never maintain as … Continue reading Aoife Clarke

Aoife Clarke

My Journey started with Paul February 2018 when I got introduced to him buy my Partner Sinead who was attending Pauls bootcamp at the time. I joined the bootcamp for a 6 week course and I really enjoyed it and got heaps fitter. I heard about the online training Paul was running at the time … Continue reading Noel O’Brien

Noel O’Brien

I didn’t know what to expect from an online training programme – I always thought it was impossible to get good training over an app. But when I signed up with Paul I was so ready to get stuck in and the app was so easy to use and explained all the exercises in a … Continue reading Claire Carberry

Claire Carberry

Before I started Paul’s online program I would have never really used the gym. When I did go I would end up losing interest and leave after 20-30 mins feeling like I didn’t have any business being in there. I would predominantly just use the treadmill and rowing machines, never really doing any strength exercises … Continue reading James Power

James Power

Having not known much about Paul and having never met him I was afraid of not being fully commited to the programme and not giving it my all. I was also worried about not being able to use equipment appropriately and at max potential. I thought it would be harder to stay motivated as your … Continue reading Helena Lyons

Helena Lyons

I was going to Paul’s Bootcamp for over 6 months before I started Paul’s online training. I knew how result driven & dedicated Paul is so I signed up to his online training. At first I was nervous and a bit hesitant getting back into the gym and thinking, not having a trainer to push … Continue reading Sinéad Powell

Sinéad Powell

Before starting the online training plan with Paul, I had thought I was eating “healthy” and that doing endless amounts of cardio was the key to a slimmer body. My mind set was completely transformed in doing the plan both with reference to food and that of exercise. The programme gave me knowledge on how … Continue reading Julianna Dolan

Julianna Dolan

Before I started online training with Paul I thought that I wouldn’t be able to keep up the training time wise or find it boring. I wasn’t sure if Pauls app would be easy to use or clear to understand the training. My experience has been excellent and I am very happy with the whole … Continue reading Colin Connelly

Colin Connelly

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