About Paul

This is my Passion


My passion for helping people came through my own life struggles. I certainly wasn’t always the fit, motivated and positive person I am today, quite the opposite actually!

At 25 my life was a mess, I was depressed, drinking heavily, out of shape and stuck in a career I really disliked. 

I hit rock bottom and I knew I had to change, I knew there had to be more to life so I started looking for what that might be and became open to doing everything that I wasn’t usually open to doing.

Going for a 5km run with my brother was the turning point in my life, it was the first time I ever felt like I had accomplished anything and quickly realised that I could use my physical fitness as a cornerstone to building my mental strength and help me overcome other obstacles in my life too.

I gave up alcohol, which was something that really held me back and I started to work on building my confidence, being more positive and overcoming my fears. 

I found some mentors who helped guide me in a new direction and I quickly started to carve out a new path for my life. My physical fitness was also really helping to build my self esteem and as a result, I started to grow more and more confident in all areas of my life.

As I grew and changed as a person, people started to gravitate towards me who were also looking for help. I started helping people in any way I could, bringing them on a run with me to help them get fitter or meeting them for a coffee and a chat to help with their mindset.

The more people reached out to me the more inspired I was to build a career around helping people get better mentally and physically.

In 2017 I started my first business, Paul Kilroy Fitness in Sydney where I ran bootcamps, a running club and Trained clients Online.

Within my first year I personally coached over 600 people, it was a dream come true. This helped me grow even more and after 1 year in business I started delivering workshops to help my clients with their mindset too.

My workshops were a huge success, I aimed to do 10 in the first year but after 2 months I hit my goal and was being asked to deliver workshops for teams, business people and individuals throughout Australia.

Through my work, I realised there was so many people feeling stuck and trapped in an unhappy position in their lives who needed help.

I didn’t want to be another Guru, I wanted to provide a solution and so my Fit4Life course was born.

Through Fit4Life I help people get unstuck, build more confidence, and get direction in their lives.

I teach them how overcome their limiting beliefs, step outside of their comfort zone and how to set goals to get them to exactly where they want to be.

My ambition is to help you become the best version of yourself too and I ultimately believe you can given you have the right teacher! 

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