About Paul

My Passion For Health And Fitness

IMG_6180Unlike most Fitness Professionals I was not into looking after my health and fitness for a large part of my life, I hardly ever exercised, I ate take away food and drank too much alcohol far to often! However in my early 20’s something shifted in me and I started to become very interested in my health and fitness. I started out with some running, then the gym and before long it was evident that training and being fit and healthy was all I wanted to do and be.

Fitness became a beautiful obsession for me, it thought me how to improve my life, how to be disciplined and consistent and it also thought me the importance of looking after my wellbeing. Since finding my passion, I decided to pursue a career in Health and Fitness. I qualified as a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer in 2016 and it has been an very rewarding journey since then.

I have maintained a discipline and structure of strength and conditioning training over the years that I now help others with also. My methods have completely transformed peoples lives just as they had mine and I wish to always be able to teach others what I have learnt from health and fitness.

My ethos is not just to get you in shape but to change your life for the better, to give you a insanely great training program and to let you benefit from it not just physically but mentally also. My ambition is to help you become the best version of yourself and I ultimately believe that everyone can given they have the right teacher!

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