Get Fit, Lose Weight and HAVE FUN with Sydney’s No.1 IRISH Bootcamp 

If you want to get fit this summer you’re in the right place!

Join my signature 4 week Bootcamp and fast-track your fitness and weight loss goals.

If you want to get in shape for summer or simply want to build fitness into your life to feel better about yourself, great, this is for you! 

Next Bootcamp starts Monday 10th February

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Whats involved? 

Join Sydney’s biggest and best Irish bootcamp and be trained by Paul every Monday, Wednesday and Friday @7:00pm for 4 weeks in Sydneys beautiful, Queens Park, Randwick.

Our classes are a mixture of Strength & Conditioning, Cardio & HIIT workouts to ensure that you’re not only getting in great shape but learning loads too!

The training sessions are approximately 45 mins to 1 hour in duration and you’ll be sure to leave every session sweating but feeling great after pushing yourself to your limits! 

You’ll also be getting

A full Nutritional Meal Plan with 40+ meals and recipes
This includes calorie and macro count for all meals. 

3x Training sessions with Paul for 5 weeks

Ongoing support, guidance and accountability from Paul through our very own private FB group.

Our community 

You’ll be meeting some great people and having plenty of craic when you join 25 other like minded Irish people who’ll all be pushing themselves to reach their fitness goals.

Our workouts are all about pushing yourself to reach YOUR own limits but there can be an element of competition which always makes our classes lots of fun! 



I love seeing people working hard to build a better lifestyle so I gift a prize for the person who makes the most progress and puts in the biggest effort throughout the 4 weeks.

The prizes do vary but are always valued at $100 and above. Previous prizes have been gift vouchers to Westfields and Rebel Sports.

So not only will you enjoy every class over the 5 weeks but if you are seriously committed to getting fit you could be our next prize winner! 

Where and when will we train?

Classes will be every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:00pm in Queens Park, Randwick

Starts Monday 10th February

The bootcamp is $259 fully inclusive for the 4 weeks which includes;

  • 3x group training sessions per week for 4 weeks with me
  • Full nutritional meal plan
  • Access to private facebook group
  • Health and fitness related support throughout

Your space is guaranteed upon signing up.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up by clicking the
‘PAY WITH PAYPAL’ button below or alternatively if you do not have a PayPal account you can CONTACT PAUL by sending an email to request bank details for a direct bank transfer.

Once you sign up you will receive an email with further details of the bootcamp and receive your very own diet plan before your training commences.

I am looking forward to coaching you!

Paul Kilroy 4 Week Bootcamp

Please pay via the payment link below



I haven’t trained in months and I’m totally unfit, will I be ok? 

Absolutely. If you are unfit and have been out of training for a while you will be just fine. The 5 week bootcamp is progressive so well be working on getting your fitness level back to where you were without throwing you in the deep end!

I’ve never trained before in my life, will I be able for this?

Definitely. You will be under my close watch until you learn all of the exercises and are confident enough to step things up a gear. You will be thought everything you need to know and will never feel overwhelmed. The classes are fun and you will learn and progress each and every week! 

Im not sure if ill always be able to make it with work, will that be a problem?

Thats no problem, you can join in on the classes late if you have to work late but most people find that they enjoy bootcamp so much that they make it a priority to always get there after week 1! 

I have an previous injury, will bootcamp be ok for me?

Bootcamp should be fine for most previous injuries. Once I know about your injury, I can keep a close eye on you and scale the exercises for you. But please do let me know of your injury when signing up to the bootcamp so I can be aware of it.

I haven’t got any friends who will join with me, can I join the bootcamp alone?

Yes, yes yes! Bootcamp is a great place to meet new Irish people and each night ill be pairing you with a partner so you will always have someone to workout with and have a bit of craic with too!

I cant make the full bootcamp, can I still sign up?

You sure can. Once you sign up your space will be reserved. If you cant make the complete bootcamp it will be at your expense but I am happy for you to reserve your space so you can make the most of it with the time you do have.

Paul Kilroy 5 Week Bootcamp

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