Fit4Life Mentoring

Change your Mindset, Build more Confidence and get Clear Direction to Reach Your Goals over 5 Weeks of 1-1 Mentoring

Feeling stuckunmotivatedunder confident and badly needing a change?

I know how it feels, I’ve been there too.

I’ve been where you are, I’ve felt stuck and in need of a change but I lacked the confidence and direction to move forward.

I was worried about the opinions of others and I was afraid to step outside of my comfort zone

My fitness was at an all time low, I was body conscious and I was fearful of change.

So I really do get it and I CAN help you get out of the rut you’ve been stuck in too.

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My Story

My passion for helping people came through my own life struggles. I certainly wasn’t always the fit, motivated and positive person I am today, quite the opposite actually!
At 25 my life was a mess, I was depressed, drinking heavily, out of shape and stuck in a career I really disliked. 
I hit rock bottom and I knew I had to change, I knew there had to be more to life so I started looking for what that might be and became open to doing everything that I wasn’t usually open to doing.
Going for a 5km run with my brother was the turning point in my life, it was the first time I ever felt like I had accomplished anything and quickly realised that I could use my physical fitness as a cornerstone to building my mental strength and help me overcome other obstacles in my life too.
I gave up alcohol, which was something that really held me back and I started to work on building my confidence, being more positive and overcoming my fears. 
I found some mentors who helped guide me in a new direction and I quickly started to carve out a new path for my life. My physical fitness was also really helping to build my self esteem and I started to grow more and more confident in all areas of my life.
Having never believed in myself since dropping out of school early and not finishing my apprenticeship I started develop a new belief system with the sense of accomplishment that was now coming in thick and fast in my life.
As I grew and changed as a person, people started to gravitate towards me who were also looking for help. I started helping people in any way I could, bringing them on a run with me to help them get fitter or meeting them for a coffee and a chat to help with their mindset.
The more people reached out to me the more inspired I was to build a career around helping people get better mentally and physically.
In 2017 I started my first business, Paul Kilroy Fitness in Sydney where I ran bootcamps, a running club and Trained clients Online.
Within my first year I personally coached over 600 people, it was a dream come true. This helped me grow even more and after 1 year in business I started delivering workshops to help my clients with their mindset too.
My workshops were a huge success, I aimed to do 10 in the year but after 2 months I hit my goal and was being asked to deliver workshops for teams, business people and individuals throughout Australia.
I have created my signature Fit4Life course Fit4Life to teach you what I have learnt through 4 years of pushing myself to grow and working with some great mentors.
My ambition is to help you become the best version of yourself too and I ultimately believe you can given you have the right teacher!

How Fit4Life works

Coaching and Accountability

You will be coached meticulously by me to ensure you are making progress in the areas most important to you. Whether its improving your confidence, changing your mindset, stepping outside your comfort zone, building a better routine or improving your mental and physical health I will coach you through the process and hold you accountable to make sure you get there. 

1-1 Mentoring

You will be personally mentored by me each week through, 1x 1.5 hour weekly workshop where I will be teaching you everything you need to know to help get you unstuck and transform your mental and physical health. You will also have 1 weekly Skype, Zoom or phone call to check in with your progress and get feedback on your actions each week. 

Training and Goal Setting

I will be helping you set some personal and physical goals to work towards over the 6 week mentoring period and you will be given a mapped out plan to help you achieve your goals so that you are feeling your best both mentally and physically at the end of our time together. This can include a tailored (depending on your level) gym training program, a run training program and a full meal plan to make sure you are boosting your brain health as well.

Over 6 weeks I will teach you how to;

Build a bulletproof mindset 

Embrace change and step outside your comfort zone 

Cut out what is holding you back 

Overcome limiting beliefs 

Develop self awareness 

Set goals 

Build better relationships 

Crush your fears 

Shake off the judgement from others 

And transform your Mental and Physical health


Fit4life Mentoring will start on Thursday 17 October and runs for 5 weeks until Friday 14th November. 

Fit4Life Mentoring is limited to 10 people to ensure you get the maximum benefit over the 5 week period. 

Fit4Life will be both in person and online Mentoring. There will be 1x group mentoring session each week which is an absolute must attend. This will be held every Thursday evening at 7pm in the Mill Hill Centre on Spring Street in Bondi Junction. This session will be approx. 1/1.5 hours duration

I will only be working with people I can genuinely help so if you fit the criteria below please fill out the questionnaire underneath and I will get in touch with you with all further details. 

Who Fit4Life is for 

✅ Those who are wanting to change or improve their mindset 
✅ Those who are feeling stuck in their current personal life or career 
✅ Those who want to get physically and mentally fitter
✅ Those who have low self esteem or are feeling under confident in themselves and their abilities 
✅ Those who are lacking direction 
✅ Those who wanting to change and are ready to take action 
✅ Those who are needing accountability to follow through on their goals 

Who Fit4Life is not for

❌ Those who want to change but aren’t willing to put in the work 
❌ Those wont sacrifice their weekends in the pub to make a positive change 
❌ Those who aren’t willing to learn and who have a ‘know it all’ mentality. 
❌ Those who are not supportive and encouraging to others who want to make a positive change for the better 

If Fit4Life sounds like a good fit for you, please fill out the contact form below to receive all further details.

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