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Transform your body with the support and guidance of Paul as your Personal Online Coach


Join Pauls online army and transform your body while getting the support and motivation you need to ensure you stay on track with your fitness goals.

Home & Gym Workouts


Fitness For Everyone

Whether you are new to fitness or simply trying to improve your current training regime, my aim is to help you not only transform your body but teach you how to train and diet properly along the way. You will:

  • Learn how to train properly
  • Learn how to diet properly
  • Lose Weight
  • Build Muscle
  • Drop Body Fat
  • Be held accountable

You will be coached online by me through your very own training program providing you with the best results possible in changing your body.


What You Get

√  24-7 access to me as your online coach
√  Your own training program
 Your own diet plan specific to your goals
√  Your own training app to access your workouts daily
 Weekly check in’s with me to monitor your progress

√  Endless support and encouragement throughout


Your Training Program Explained

Your training program is delivered through Pauls very own mobile training app making it easy for you to access your workouts, log your training, schedule your training week and sync your progress with your trainer. Your program comes with full video demonstrations of all exercises and has multiple phases with new exercises and workouts to ensure you are constantly learning and progressing with your training.

What your training program includes:

  Unlimited workouts including; Muscle Hypertrophy, Muscle endurance, HIIT & Core
 Your own mobile app and client profile to view your program
 Easy to watch video demonstrations from your smart phone
 Train for 30 mins – 1 hour in duration
 4x training days per week
 Workout when it best suits your schedule
Home & Gym workouts

Your Diet Plan Explained


You will be eating healthy, easy to prepare meals that will complement your training and your lifestyle. My diet plan brings nutrition back to basics so you wont feel overwhelemed by trying to eat healthy but rather learn why and how to eat clean wholesome meals. The menu will include meals that will help you lose weight, build muscle and be more energetic.

What your diet plan includes:

 All you need to know about healthy eating and dieting
√ 20 healthy and tasty meal options to choose from
Snacks between meals and protein shakes for recovery from training

Your Online Support Explained

Weekly Check in’s with Paul and his team to ensure you are staying on track with your goals or for any help or adjustments you might need with your training program.

What your online support includes:

Constant support and motivation
24-7 access to me through your mobile training app
 Weekly check in’s with me and adjustments made if needed
√ Specific changes to be made to your program around your injuries or health needs


How It Works


How Much Does It Cost?

You can pay weekly instalments of $37 per week set up via direct debit. May I remind you that this is a fraction of the cost of 1/1 personal training and what you receive is far more valuable. You can chose which method you would like to pay with once you hit the ‘GET STARTED NOW’ button below.

Lets get you started

You are only one step away from starting on your journey. Click the
‘Get Started Now’ button below, fill out the questionnaire and pay securely online.




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“This is my eight week transformation. This is a life changing plan I’ve never felt healthier or happier in my life, have gone from71kg to 76kg! Big shout out to @paul_kilroy_fitness.”

Lee – PKF Online Training

“Joining pauls boot camp was the best thing I ever did. It improved my health, my fitness and wellbeing. When I joined I was doing night-shift and feeling very down and antisocial. Going to boot camp got me out and about, meeting new people and learning new exercises. I found I had so much more energy … Continue reading Nora – Bootcamp Participant

Nora – Bootcamp Participant

“I joined the bootcamp as a friend of mine mentioned it to me. The training and coaching has been top class and it’s something different each session.The workouts are demonstrated and explained well. Great workouts and advice throughout and also very enjoyable.”

Brendan – Bootcamp Participant

“After four weeks into the program I am feeling energised, motivated and excited to take on new challenges. Paul has been a firm but fair trainer providing motivation and support when I needed it most. Each session has been different providing new challenges to overcome. Working in a group has been an added bonus as … Continue reading Nigel – Bootcamp Participant

Nigel – Bootcamp Participant

“Paul’s boot camp has given me a greater capacity to enjoy life both in and outside of work. A perfect quote to sum up his military training style ‘Endure the pain, Enjoy the gain’. I have yet to see anyone walk away after a session with Paul, without a proud smile on their face.”

Catriona – Bootcamp Participant

“I really enjoyed Paul’s boot camp classes and found they made a huge difference in my muscle strength and even my mental strength as to what I could achieve. The classes were progressive too, which made it easier to see and feel the benefits, especially the weeks when we done the same circuit to actually … Continue reading Kelly – Bootcamp Participant

Kelly – Bootcamp Participant

“Big thanks to Paul Kilroy for helping me get this great result, knocking 10 mins off my previous Half Marathon time. Thanks Paul and I am looking forward to the next round of boot camp.”

Thomas – Bootcamp Participant

“Big shout out to @paul_kilroy_fitness for my results with his 8 Week Program. Pauls program not only changed the way I looked but also the way I performed. I became extremely Athletic and recently placed second in a Crossfit Competition in Thailand. Thanks Paul for all your help.”

Eoghan – PKF Online Training

I want to thank Paul for all his help, effort and support. Paul puts 110% effort and dedication into all of his clients and their goals. Paul has not only helped us with our fitness goals but has had a huge effect on our mindset also, his endless encouragement has led me to believe in … Continue reading Sinead – Bootcamp Participant

Sinead – Bootcamp Participant

“I honestly feel fantastic. Both mentally and physically. It really has been a learning curve for me. And to think I wasn’t sure about doing this program. I’m so glad I started it and stuck to it. There was enough of excuses and feeling sorry for myself, yes it can be hard but the rewards … Continue reading Aoife – PKF Online Training

Aoife – PKF Online Training

The program was a big learning curve for me and I am very happy with the changes I have made in just 8 weeks. Thanks Paul for all your help. 

James – PKF Online Training


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